At Empire Today, Environmental Responsibility Comes in Many Colors & Styles

Empire Today is dedicated to customer satisfaction and when our customers want Empire carpet products that are more Earth-friendly and practices that are more environmentally responsible, we’re committed to satisfying their needs.

Empire Today is proud to offer quality, name-brand products from manufacturers who are leading the way in innovating for the future. You’ll find beautiful selections of Empire carpet made from recycled and reclaimed materials, such as plastics and plastic bottles, and low-consumption alternatives that are built to last. Since all of our eco-friendly carpets offer superior stain resistance and are durable, they will keep your home looking beautiful for years to come. And when you are ready to replace your carpet, Empire Today is there for you — and the environment.

Empire Carpet Greener Future
Empipre Carpet Recycling

In addition to offering products that are better for the environment, Empire Today is also dedicated to environmentally responsible practices.  Our partners use recycled carpet and less newly harvested wood, with products engineered to be long lasting, reducing consumption of natural resources. One of our most exciting sustainability initiatives is our recycling program. This initiative first took root in Chicago through a partnership with a vendor to assist in the recycling of carpet and padding removed during the course of installation, resulting in a reduction landfill waste. This program ensures that when you are ready to replace your carpeting, Empire Today will be there to practice environmental responsibility and recycle your old carpeting – replacing it with any one of our quality, name-brand products.

At Empire Today, we understand that you want a beautiful home – but not at the expense of our beautiful planet. We’re committed to providing you with quality products that are manufactured and recycled in up-to-date and Earth-friendly ways.

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