Empire Today Makes It Easy To Protect Your Investment In New Carpet

Spots and spills happen. When they do, Empire Today® offers tips and care instructions for the maintenance of your Empire carpet. We recommend preemptively keeping a home cleaning kit on hand to prevent stains from setting, which consists of a solution made from one part vinegar to one part water, a mild liquid detergent solution, and white cloths or paper towels.

Empipre Carpet Care
Empipre Carpet Living Room

To keep your Empire carpet clean and beautiful, visit www.empirecarpettips.com for specific instructions for different types of spills. Here you’ll find comprehensive information regarding the proper care and maintenance of your Empire carpet. We offer detailed tips on how to clean your carpet; what to do in case of a spot, spill or stain; when you can do-it-yourself; and when to call in the professionals. You’ll find everything you need to know to get years of continued beauty and use from your Empire carpet.

Empire Today is fully committed to your complete satisfaction. We have Over One Million Satisfied Customers and we sincerely would like you to be one too. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer great manufacturers product warranties and an installation warranty on our Empire carpet. Empire Today’s installation warranty guarantees the workmanship on all of our installations for one year. All of your warranty and guarantee information will be accessible online.

Empire Today provides complete service and support for the products we install. If you have any questions or issues with your Empire carpet, you can call or contact us online.

Click here or call 800-588-2300® if you’d like to schedule a FREE In-Home Estimate or speak with a member of our Customer Service Team.