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Frieze Carpet form Empire Carpet: Expect Durability and Beauty

High-traffic areas call for high-performance carpet that resists footprints and is easy to maintain, which is why frieze Carpet from Empire Today is such a popular choice. Texture that begs to be touched makes bedrooms more fun for snuggling, and living rooms more lively. Frieze Carpet brings a stylish textural element into any room, while retaining its youthful good looks in spite of wear and tear.

Also referred to by designers as “short shag” Frieze Carpet’s tightly twisted fibers are free to flex and bend, their pleasingly irregular texture camouflaging footprints, spills, and other mishaps. With durability like that, it’s no wonder that Frieze Carpet is the top choice for people who want to look of a lush Empire Carpet with texture they can sink their feet into.

Frieze Carpet from Empire Today provides a dazzling contrast to contemporary styles while adding a soft touch of elegance to classical décor. No matter what direction one’s design desires may take them in, this popular type of Empire Carpet is available in a variety to suit any vision. Frieze Carpet is available in an enticing array of colors and lengths. Homeowners can schedule a Free In-Home Estimate to see the many looks of Frieze Carpet up close. Visit www.empiretoday to learn more about the versatility of Empire Carpet for all the rooms in your home.

Frieze Carpet is Crush-resistant to minimize footprints and vacuum marks. Selection includes a variety of colors, various fiber types and densities, lastly, Empire Today Frieze Carpet is excellent for high-traffic areas.

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Empire Carpet Frieze
Empire Carpet Frieze